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Music Industry Copyright Solved


Ok before I start on this topic I want to put a disclaimer out there:

  1. I do not in any way shape or form condone piracy, its robs artists of their well earned commission and is no better then stealing a piece of artwork from the Louvre.
  2. I do not condone intrusive DRM however I appreciate that DRM has its place if it is implemented properly.



Photo by: Simon Todd - © All Rights Reserved

Photo by: Simon Todd - © All Rights Reserved

One of the big problems that face major entertainment based companies these days is piracy, now I have heard of many many ways of the industry combating this problem, some good, some really really bad (invasion of privacy sort of bad). While I don’t know much about the industry as a consumer looking at the problem from the outside my solution would be something like the system I’m about to outline

Before going further its key to point out that the principles of this system relies on cloud computing/storage and Digital Rights Management Software (DRM). For those who don’t know much about these I’ll give you the quickest break down here after the jump but if you want to know more Google will be useful.
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The Angels Have The Phone

You know it’s an interesting things watching the way that culture changes around you.

It seems the general public gets more and more quirky each day that I see it. For example the title of this post. I saw this written on grout for the tilling of a museum toilet of all places.

Not just another fancy artsy exhibition statement, just something someone had deemed fit to write on a wall that is slowly filling with writing.

Other examples of notes are

“the Jedi are coming”
“kick the Tories out”


“Free your mind”

For whatever reason people have seen fit to start filling this wall with phrases and sentences they think are, I dunno, entertaining? Relevant? A freedo of expression maybe?

Who knows, for whatever reason I find this quirky and fun, a living piece of art, in the toilet of a museum, being created slowly and organically by the public >.<

There are there examples, a good one is maybe street busking, if used to be something that was done by just one, or at most two people, with just there acustic instruments and there voice.

However, take a walk around the city centre now and you will see that there are Now full bands getting in in the act, bringing portable amps, microphone rigs and playing for all two are worth, bringing CDs they have mixed themselves for sale. And the quality of these guys are fantastic, much better then the buskers that I remember from being a nipper (or maybe I wasn’t musically tuned back then [doubtful] )

Here’s a short examples of some of the buskers seen around Sheffield in the last couple of weeks:

(available in HD just adjust the quality on the bottom left of the player when it starts)

And even the shops are buying into this quirkiness of culture, town today saw thorntons have a “robot chocolatier” outside there store who was “powered by donations”.

Now the donations were for the nspcc, a respectable cause and coupled with the quirkiness I’m sure it brought in a few donations bit it’s fun to see where people will go with these things.

Anyway, time to re-enter the quirky world that we live in, any thoughts on the matter?