Halo: Anniversary

Halo Anniversary LogoDo you have wishes for the Halo:Aniversery Game ? well so do I.

Add you hopes and dreams for the re release of the Halo Anniversary edition below and ill add the best or most common ones to this page here so that we can go back later and see how many of our hopes and dreams came through when it releases, I’ll Start with a couple of my own:

  • Theatre Mode
  • (with the upgraded graphics this would give some of us panorama artists some fantastic oppertunities)
  • Hidden Gems for Worthog Launchers
  • (never did it myself but some of the areas that you may be able to reach, maybe some eggs up there?)
  • Firefight maps based on key points such as the silent cartographer beach

What are you waiting for? add yours below:

  1. – Proper widescreen support

    – Online co-op for the campaign

    – Original weapons, physics, gameplay

    Oh, look at that, I already got everything I wanted 🙂

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