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Japan Disaster Thoughts

So I’ve just been reading the coverage of the Japan earthquake/tsunami aftereffects (more notedly the nuclear reactor meltdown risk) is the daily hate (I stress that it is not my preferred paper of choice however there iPhone app is a joy to use compared to the alternatives and as a child of the digital age I take what I can get when I’m on the go)

The scary thing about this whole situation is that it isn’t the earthquake and the after shocks that has caused the most damage. It is the tsunami that results which has literally wiped out the population of whole towns and now leaves the country facing at least one nuclear reactor going into meltdown.

It’s starting to emerge that the government in Japan were warned of the risk in 2007 by an advisor who said that the back up capabilities were inadequate.

I spent most a good section of the day that the tsunami hit watching live news reports through the Beeb’s online stream, with many in the office watching segments with me, the pictures were truly horrifying with cars being swept to sea with people in them and hearing reports coming in of boats and whole regions falling out of contact. At one point the report stated that the train operator (can’t remember the actual name) had two trains outside of stations as the tsunami was hitting, they had contact with one of the trains which was safe at the time however they had no contact from the second train, a collegue of mine just turned and said “you know they’re gone, if they can’t signal the train… ┬áit’s not there anymore!”

He was right, he summed it up further when he said that it was like watching 9/11 again, that your constantly wondering what was going to happen next, what horror was about to be reported. And while I don’t clearly remember it, I had to agree with him.

What has happened in Japan is a travesty, I am only thankful that my other half had not gone to HK yet as I dont think I’d have coped with the worry while the pacific basin was on tsunami warning (I now know he would have been safe as hk island would have been gaurded by Thailand) I now wish there was something more that I could do from this end but watch the reports come in. But without money to donate there isn’t much that can be done.