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Hi Everyone


Inorder to increase the amount that can be done with the site I have shifted over to a private server and a new url, please update your bookmarks as there is no way to make wordpress redirect you automatically


the new url is

Replacing Emoji...

‘Windows Baby’ Goes Linux

As a child of the 90’s I grew up using windows, they were reliable, while a little buggy. However a recent system failure has meant that I have started using Linux, a system that I honestly Doubted I would actually find a legitimate use for, that is until now.

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Reccomendation: Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk

What can I say about this album apart from that it has surprised me from start to end, the dynamics of Hughs voice in this album are amazing. He really pulls all the stops out. Mr laurie is definitely for more then the actor that everyone know him for and the comedy that unfortunately many people don’t seem to know, (Hugh In Drag Anyone?) Read the rest of this entry