Halo 4

Halo 4: Master Chief

Image Copyright Microsoft Game Studios

Have somethign that you want to see in Halo 4? Have something that you don’t want to in halo 4?

Place your wishes for the Halo 4 Game below and I’ll add the best or most common ones to this page here so that we can go back later and see how many of our hopes and dreams came through when the game launches, I’ll Start a couple of my own and add to the list as it grows over time, also as we get more information I will edit the list accordingly

What are your hopes? Add them below:

Wish List

  • Explanations for trailer Retcons – EDIT: Evidence from Halo:Reach Special Edition points to jetpack not actually being a retcon
  • An explanation of how Cortana has staved of rampancy
  • A blend of the weapons from Halo: Reach and from the “main trilogy”
  • Longer Campaign / Campaign Levels
  • A more personal story between Chief and Cortana
  • Improvements to the Map Editor (if one is present) to allow thematic maps
  1. What I want:

    – A well written story, for a change

    – A more personal story between Chief and Cortana; this was sorely missing from H2 and H3

    – No explanation given for the armor, because it’s only slightly different and is just their interpretation of what it should look like

    – Something to change up the game play from the standard Halo formula

    – LONG, interconnected levels like in Halo 1. No more of these short, disjointed levels that are just there for the sake of having different scenery.

  2. Cortana has probably held off her rampancy with the care she has for John, In Cole Protocol a smart A.I. has gone well beyond the 7 years of operation because of her care for the colony. Besides isn’t cortana under 7 years. The whole to much information thing was taken care of I thought.

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