General Warning!!

While this blog does do standard reviews and commentary it is primarily a space for me vent about my thoughts on various subjects. For that reason the writing will occasionly be cruder then you may expect or my opinions may go against the grain of your own. Independant thought is a fantastic idea and I relish in having viewpoints challenged and debated so long as it is done in the proper way.

If you don’t agree with something that I post then by all means say so, have feedback about the way im writing, that is much appreciated to.

As a general rule the blog will mostly ok but there will be a few occasions where the humour will be crude and as is the nature of the beast there may also be times when it could be considered, NSFW, I will only tag a post as NSFW when it extremely necessary, doing it every time I crack a crude joke or swear will just give the wrong impression, consider this the only warning im going to give you.

If you likely to be offended by or are not older enough to read crude jokes and swearing
click here

If on the other hand your mature enough to understand that not everything in life is to be taken seriously then maybe this will provide a little comic relief :
NSFW especially for the religious

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