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Apple is failing it’s disabled customers

So here comes part 2 of my apple rant

how apple fails it’s disabled customers

Now I LOVE iMacs infact when it comes to the interface of the os it’s a thing of beauty that, while emulated quite well in windows 7, it’s still got the front of the pack (if only slightly)

However there are a couple of major flaws with the iMacs operating system that actually made me return the one I bought last year. Firstly something that should be incredibly easy to fix as a user accesability feature but yet isn’t.

font size

This is a major gripe of mine, while the iMacs are strong contenders (or more to the point the os is) it’s biggest flaw is the inability to set something as simple as font size, now, if I were using a notebook, a 8pt font can be understood, when I’m using a 24 inch display, its migraine inducing.

Seems like more of a general annoyance right? Well consider this, I myself have very shot sight, if it’s more the a foot away I loose definition of edges, this makes reading text impossible. Now, by comparison, my eyesight is actually reasonable, for someone with a worse visual impairment then mine, reading the text on the screen is nigh on impossible, and while corrective lenses go far, because of the eyestrain involved with them for reading, the pain is just not worth it.

Yes apple, your product is physically painful to use, and not in the whips and chains way that we like.

Glossy Screens

Now not so much an apple issue as a general marketplace trend but apples way of handling it is the issue here.

Glossy screens are no use to someone who has a highly sensitive retina such as myself. I have a condition called ocular cutainous albinism type 2 (some of you may know it as simply albinism or albino however there are several variations). What that means is that I suffer from a lack of pigment in my skin, hair and eyes, and no I do not have pink eyes.

What this also means is that my retinas are also highly sensitive to light causing them to burn and damage easier then the “normal” persons eyesight.

Now in order to get a decent colour balance, which as a photographer is extremely important, on the glossy screen you have to have the bright n on at full, suffering from my condition being sat at a screen where this is the case is not recommended as the results is pain and discomfort and in the log run deterioration in sight.

When asked if it was possible to swap my system for a mat screen I was told that I either pay an extra sum for the matt finish (about £150 I think) or by a clip over for the screen.

Why should I, the disabled customer, be penalised for apples lack of foresight for disabled users? I am pretty sure that this is actually a matter that is covered by the disability discrimination act here in the uk and f I wasn’t already busy enough would be something that I would consider bring against them.

Anyway, rant over, any thoughts?