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First Thoughts: E3 and Apple Announcements

Apple Wallpaper by davidgsteadman - Some rights reserved

Apple Wallpaper by davidgsteadman - Some rights reserved

Ok i apologise in advanced, this post isn’t going through the usual routine checks that i make because I want to get this down while I still have it all in my head, im going to start with Apples Announcements and then going to cover E3 (well the bits im interested in anyhow)

Apple Made A Liar Out Of Me

Yes that really is the opening line I want to lead with, Apple is not my favorite company but they are from the company I Dislike the most. But im afraid they may have just made me a convert. The announcement of the Ios features coming to the phone were great and things that we all kinda knew were coming we just wanted to see how, The new notification center, improvements to the spell checking, the email, the web browser, i think they effectively rewrote most of their propriety Apps and made them better from what I can see.

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Gleeks Unite

Join The Glee Club by AnGi3-lOv3 - © Some Rights Reserved

Join The Glee Club by AnGi3-lOv3 - © Some Rights Reserved

Ok I am not ashamed to admit it, I am a complete and total Gleek. I cannot get enough and really do not want the season to end.

In the last couple of episodes the show has really shown its pedigree and i cannot wait for season 3 to start (god I hope we don’t have to wait forever). The penultimate episode was truly a heart wrencher and you know I would completely vote for Sue if I was given the chance. (Yes I am well aware that it is a fantasy character but leave me to my delusions.)

The pure imagination was a beautifully crafted piece that shows exactly where glee really get’s its rocks off. Using the strength of the voices within the group they give such a fantastic and original (to me at least) take on a famous classic that really does the original justice.

Now sure, glee has had its problems, it shot to fame over here in the uk mainly because of its covers of dont stop believing and some other classics. BUT, look at where glee came from and look at where it has gone now and those are two very different points. Read the rest of this entry

Reccomendation: Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk

What can I say about this album apart from that it has surprised me from start to end, the dynamics of Hughs voice in this album are amazing. He really pulls all the stops out. Mr laurie is definitely for more then the actor that everyone know him for and the comedy that unfortunately many people don’t seem to know, (Hugh In Drag Anyone?) Read the rest of this entry

Music Industry Copyright Solved


Ok before I start on this topic I want to put a disclaimer out there:

  1. I do not in any way shape or form condone piracy, its robs artists of their well earned commission and is no better then stealing a piece of artwork from the Louvre.
  2. I do not condone intrusive DRM however I appreciate that DRM has its place if it is implemented properly.



Photo by: Simon Todd - © All Rights Reserved

Photo by: Simon Todd - © All Rights Reserved

One of the big problems that face major entertainment based companies these days is piracy, now I have heard of many many ways of the industry combating this problem, some good, some really really bad (invasion of privacy sort of bad). While I don’t know much about the industry as a consumer looking at the problem from the outside my solution would be something like the system I’m about to outline

Before going further its key to point out that the principles of this system relies on cloud computing/storage and Digital Rights Management Software (DRM). For those who don’t know much about these I’ll give you the quickest break down here after the jump but if you want to know more Google will be useful.
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