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Gleeks Unite

Join The Glee Club by AnGi3-lOv3 - © Some Rights Reserved

Join The Glee Club by AnGi3-lOv3 - © Some Rights Reserved

Ok I am not ashamed to admit it, I am a complete and total Gleek. I cannot get enough and really do not want the season to end.

In the last couple of episodes the show has really shown its pedigree and i cannot wait for season 3 to start (god I hope we don’t have to wait forever). The penultimate episode was truly a heart wrencher and you know I would completely vote for Sue if I was given the chance. (Yes I am well aware that it is a fantasy character but leave me to my delusions.)

The pure imagination was a beautifully crafted piece that shows exactly where glee really get’s its rocks off. Using the strength of the voices within the group they give such a fantastic and original (to me at least) take on a famous classic that really does the original justice.

Now sure, glee has had its problems, it shot to fame over here in the uk mainly because of its covers of dont stop believing and some other classics. BUT, look at where glee came from and look at where it has gone now and those are two very different points. Read the rest of this entry