Apple is failing it’s disabled customers

So here comes part 2 of my apple rant

how apple fails it’s disabled customers

Now I LOVE iMacs infact when it comes to the interface of the os it’s a thing of beauty that, while emulated quite well in windows 7, it’s still got the front of the pack (if only slightly)

However there are a couple of major flaws with the iMacs operating system that actually made me return the one I bought last year. Firstly something that should be incredibly easy to fix as a user accesability feature but yet isn’t.

font size

This is a major gripe of mine, while the iMacs are strong contenders (or more to the point the os is) it’s biggest flaw is the inability to set something as simple as font size, now, if I were using a notebook, a 8pt font can be understood, when I’m using a 24 inch display, its migraine inducing.

Seems like more of a general annoyance right? Well consider this, I myself have very shot sight, if it’s more the a foot away I loose definition of edges, this makes reading text impossible. Now, by comparison, my eyesight is actually reasonable, for someone with a worse visual impairment then mine, reading the text on the screen is nigh on impossible, and while corrective lenses go far, because of the eyestrain involved with them for reading, the pain is just not worth it.

Yes apple, your product is physically painful to use, and not in the whips and chains way that we like.

Glossy Screens

Now not so much an apple issue as a general marketplace trend but apples way of handling it is the issue here.

Glossy screens are no use to someone who has a highly sensitive retina such as myself. I have a condition called ocular cutainous albinism type 2 (some of you may know it as simply albinism or albino however there are several variations). What that means is that I suffer from a lack of pigment in my skin, hair and eyes, and no I do not have pink eyes.

What this also means is that my retinas are also highly sensitive to light causing them to burn and damage easier then the “normal” persons eyesight.

Now in order to get a decent colour balance, which as a photographer is extremely important, on the glossy screen you have to have the bright n on at full, suffering from my condition being sat at a screen where this is the case is not recommended as the results is pain and discomfort and in the log run deterioration in sight.

When asked if it was possible to swap my system for a mat screen I was told that I either pay an extra sum for the matt finish (about £150 I think) or by a clip over for the screen.

Why should I, the disabled customer, be penalised for apples lack of foresight for disabled users? I am pretty sure that this is actually a matter that is covered by the disability discrimination act here in the uk and f I wasn’t already busy enough would be something that I would consider bring against them.

Anyway, rant over, any thoughts?

iPad 2


It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s a revolution, and it’s apple.


Anyone who knows me well knows I have a love of apple devices, but under that love is also a pissed off realist.

When it comes to gimmicks apple pulled a nice one here. The media cannot stop flapping of how this will (and already is in America) revolutionise tablet computing and application.

NO, just NO

The IPad 2 will not revolutionise it all again, now I admit, the iPad 1 did a bang up job of bringing tablet computing into the mainstream, and featuring it’s iOS (the same operating system on the iPhone) it’s applicational uses are fantastic, from doctors offices to home offices what the iPad 1 allowed people to do was great.

The iPad 2 however, not so much, and here’s the reason, it’s not different enough. (~_~;)

What’s new in iPad 2?

– Gyroscope
– Dual core processor
– White Colour
– Improve 3G speeds/signal

Ok so let’s see, the gyroscope, useful for mapping apps and games and…. Oh, yeah, that’s it. I can count on one hand how many games I use on my iPhone that use the gyroscope, why would I want to do that on a much larger mire cumbersome device?

The only purpose I use my gyroscope for on my iPhone is the location aware apps for navigation (sat nav and street map) using a tablet for navigation is a no go since the size of it just rules it out practically.

As for the dual core processor, well there isn’t enough reason for me to want that in the first place since I am happy enough with the speed of my phone and my phone is far more compact, besides, most of the apps that will be using the iPads dual cores probably won’t interest me that much since my phone is far more portable and probably has the same functions.

White colour, wow, just what I (never) wanted, now it can match NON of my outfits!

Improved 3G, well, since I won’t have 3G version since I have my phone with a personal wifi hotspot which is cheaper then iPad 3G plans AND since I’m always around a wifi point when I would be stationary enough to use it anyhow there’s little point.

Now there any many other problems with the iPad 2 but this is already quite a long post so I’ll leave that one for now and also can my ‘apple are failing disabled customers’ rant for a little while as well.

Japan Disaster Thoughts

So I’ve just been reading the coverage of the Japan earthquake/tsunami aftereffects (more notedly the nuclear reactor meltdown risk) is the daily hate (I stress that it is not my preferred paper of choice however there iPhone app is a joy to use compared to the alternatives and as a child of the digital age I take what I can get when I’m on the go)

The scary thing about this whole situation is that it isn’t the earthquake and the after shocks that has caused the most damage. It is the tsunami that results which has literally wiped out the population of whole towns and now leaves the country facing at least one nuclear reactor going into meltdown.

It’s starting to emerge that the government in Japan were warned of the risk in 2007 by an advisor who said that the back up capabilities were inadequate.

I spent most a good section of the day that the tsunami hit watching live news reports through the Beeb’s online stream, with many in the office watching segments with me, the pictures were truly horrifying with cars being swept to sea with people in them and hearing reports coming in of boats and whole regions falling out of contact. At one point the report stated that the train operator (can’t remember the actual name) had two trains outside of stations as the tsunami was hitting, they had contact with one of the trains which was safe at the time however they had no contact from the second train, a collegue of mine just turned and said “you know they’re gone, if they can’t signal the train…  it’s not there anymore!”

He was right, he summed it up further when he said that it was like watching 9/11 again, that your constantly wondering what was going to happen next, what horror was about to be reported. And while I don’t clearly remember it, I had to agree with him.

What has happened in Japan is a travesty, I am only thankful that my other half had not gone to HK yet as I dont think I’d have coped with the worry while the pacific basin was on tsunami warning (I now know he would have been safe as hk island would have been gaurded by Thailand) I now wish there was something more that I could do from this end but watch the reports come in. But without money to donate there isn’t much that can be done.

nomcom is live

roll up roll up, welcome to one and all, the spectical of nomcom is about to begin


right, maybe a little delusional there of the number of people that will actually read this me thinks?

So heres the deal, a couple of friends of mine (hi emily, hi sam) have a blog of there own going and i figured i may take a crack at it, more as a place for me to express my opinions on matters (all sorts of matters) and just generally rant about things. it may last a couple of weeks, it mayu last longer, who knows, but lets see shall we?

So, what is there to know about me, well, im 20 (as good as damn it 21) from sheffield, have my life enhanced with asperges, dyslexia, and dyspraxia (say good by to your hopes of good spelling and grammer) and the best enhancement to my life, my other half  to whom we shall refer to as simply:

“my other half ” 🙂

what else should i say,  hmm, oh yeah, at the moment im tryiong (with mixed results) to learn cantonese chinese, which is proving rather difficult thanks to the lack of courses >.<

anyway for now i shall let that be all untill i have the rest of the site set up, just figured id do a quick introduction.