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Hi Everyone


Inorder to increase the amount that can be done with the site I have shifted over to a private server and a new url, please update your bookmarks as there is no way to make wordpress redirect you automatically


the new url is

Replacing Emoji...

First Thoughts: E3 and Apple Announcements

Apple Wallpaper by davidgsteadman - Some rights reserved

Apple Wallpaper by davidgsteadman - Some rights reserved

Ok i apologise in advanced, this post isn’t going through the usual routine checks that i make because I want to get this down while I still have it all in my head, im going to start with Apples Announcements and then going to cover E3 (well the bits im interested in anyhow)

Apple Made A Liar Out Of Me

Yes that really is the opening line I want to lead with, Apple is not my favorite company but they are from the company I Dislike the most. But im afraid they may have just made me a convert. The announcement of the Ios features coming to the phone were great and things that we all kinda knew were coming we just wanted to see how, The new notification center, improvements to the spell checking, the email, the web browser, i think they effectively rewrote most of their propriety Apps and made them better from what I can see.

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The Evils of Google

I for a while now have made it clear to people I’m not a fan of Google and for that reason will not invest in the Google platform.

It’s interesting to see people’s reactions to that statement when I tell them in person. It ranges from a simple “Oh” to a “I don’t see why” (usually followed by how great they are) to “I concur” (admittedly it’s more then that but you get the idea)

Today, I lay down my biggest objects to google not only as a company but as a security risk after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

nomcom is live

roll up roll up, welcome to one and all, the spectical of nomcom is about to begin


right, maybe a little delusional there of the number of people that will actually read this me thinks?

So heres the deal, a couple of friends of mine (hi emily, hi sam) have a blog of there own going and i figured i may take a crack at it, more as a place for me to express my opinions on matters (all sorts of matters) and just generally rant about things. it may last a couple of weeks, it mayu last longer, who knows, but lets see shall we?

So, what is there to know about me, well, im 20 (as good as damn it 21) from sheffield, have my life enhanced with asperges, dyslexia, and dyspraxia (say good by to your hopes of good spelling and grammer) and the best enhancement to my life, my other half  to whom we shall refer to as simply:

“my other half ” 🙂

what else should i say,  hmm, oh yeah, at the moment im tryiong (with mixed results) to learn cantonese chinese, which is proving rather difficult thanks to the lack of courses >.<

anyway for now i shall let that be all untill i have the rest of the site set up, just figured id do a quick introduction.