First Thoughts: E3 and Apple Announcements

Apple Wallpaper by davidgsteadman - Some rights reserved

Apple Wallpaper by davidgsteadman - Some rights reserved

Ok i apologise in advanced, this post isn’t going through the usual routine checks that i make because I want to get this down while I still have it all in my head, im going to start with Apples Announcements and then going to cover E3 (well the bits im interested in anyhow)

Apple Made A Liar Out Of Me

Yes that really is the opening line I want to lead with, Apple is not my favorite company but they are from the company I Dislike the most. But im afraid they may have just made me a convert. The announcement of the Ios features coming to the phone were great and things that we all kinda knew were coming we just wanted to see how, The new notification center, improvements to the spell checking, the email, the web browser, i think they effectively rewrote most of their propriety Apps and made them better from what I can see.

Location Aware Reminders is a Feature that i am really looking forward to and will be something that if they have Implemented as well as i expect will be an absolute lifesaver for me. (everything from remember your wallet to file this in the office first)

iCloud, Having 4.3.3 I’ve all ready been able to play a little with the Itunes new cloud service and im liking what I’s seeing, i can see the shared calender syncing to be incredibly useful for families with more then on iDevice and is certainly another feature that i can see being incredibly useful.

Native Iphone to Iphone messaging with delivery reports looks like it will also be a useful and cost saving feature or many people and while admittedly its almost a direct clone of the Blackberry Messenger I cant help but welcome it to the phone natively.

Other Features announce include:

  • Volume-up to take photos in camera more
  • Safari Restructure, now including a read it later feature and an article reader
  • New Notification System
  • New Voice Control Features
  • No PC Mode (your mobile is now actually that, not a device needing activation by a computer)
  • Cloud Powered Online Back Ups
  • Twitter Integration to all areas

There are questions that have been raised however, like what happens to the modible me account i just renewed since that service wont exist any more, and i do wonder how close to the line of being evil apple is treading with us putting all this information into there cloud network (a full iphone back up on there cloud, while it sounds good in theory im not sure im comfortable with that much personal data up there)

The other thing to note is alot of the features in Ios 5 have been done before by other developers, the read it later feature on the new version of safari was don before by, well, Read It Later . The Location Aware Reminders has been done before (although for a price) and the new camera “volume-up to snap” feature was done before and Apple yanked the plug on the app that did it. Also the new notification systems is actually pulled directly from the jailbreak community (suspected to be by a jailbreak coder no less) as also are the twitter integration (although apple have gone further then the Jailbreakers did)
Anyway, I think have said enough about that so onto the BIG E3 News

Halo 4 and Halo:CE Anniversary Announced

You may have noticed the two new pages appear on the blog that are under the heading Halo Wishlists. Thats because Microsoft just officially announced Halo 4 and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. Both of these games look great from what we have seen so far (even if the Halo:4 (H:4) video was a CGI ) but it seems that they have split the community down the middle a little with each side having misgivings over different parts of each game, me personally

I’m stoked for halo 4 as I want to know what happens to the Chief and Cortana, I’m also really happy that Halo:CE Anniversary is coming as i can finally relive the old beauty that she was in glorious HD with new textures and assets. If you want to add you wishes for the games to the wish lists then just pop a comment over on there respective pages and I’ll see about adding it to the list

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  1. I would also like to mention that the pull-down notifications is something that was essentially taken directly from Android. While I’m sure that this will be a great feature for iOS to finally have, I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of Apple suing Samsung for their Android phones looking like the iPhone, all while they are taking ideas directly from Android itself.

    I still hold my opinion, however, that a company having a lot of personal information about you does not necessarily make you evil. And their No PC Mode is sure to be a welcome change, as the iPhone is ultimately a good device, but many people dislike iTunes.

    • Not inclined to dispute you on the personal information front just idea makes me a little uncomfy no matter what the company.

      The no PC is a fantastic feature that should always have been there really.

      As for the android notification system, I was aware of the JB community having it long before I was android so I’m not really sure on that one.

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