The Evils of Google

I for a while now have made it clear to people I’m not a fan of Google and for that reason will not invest in the Google platform.

It’s interesting to see people’s reactions to that statement when I tell them in person. It ranges from a simple “Oh” to a “I don’t see why” (usually followed by how great they are) to “I concur” (admittedly it’s more then that but you get the idea)

Today, I lay down my biggest objects to google not only as a company but as a security risk after the jump.

Google as a company

Google as a company has a good backstory, it’s the little site that could. When it first launched It was a research piece by two Stanford University Students and now, around 15 years later it’s a multi-million dollar/pound company.

An inspiring tale for anyone with a web based idea. However with the platform that google now inherits it has to keep growing, thats what the investors want. understandable since they placed there money in the company but expansion has brought it’s risks.

Google is now the number one name in Internet search engines. It’s android platform (along with apples IOS) has brought smart phones from being a Business Luxury to a Day to Day necessity for Joe Blogs on the street. Google offers high profile services for mail, office computing, even file storage.

I can’t help but think that Google has it’s fingers in too many pies AND thanks to the brand all ready established. When Google eyes up there next target, businesses offering the same services better look out.

And Google already is, with it’s TV service they’re taking a stab at “Smart TV” provided by apple, TiVo and other similar companies. The problem here is this is already a small Market and googlies about to enter and monopolies that market before it truly gets off the ground.

Sure, Apple got in there first, but even apple are struggling to make the platform sell, and when a company like apple has difficulties that shows what the Market is like.

By moving into this Market Google brings with it it’s name and it’s blind followers, Google will probably launch the market strongly, not a bad thing in itself admittedly, but by dominating a Market so early leaves no room for a 3rd party to come in and make a name for themselves.

And that is how google works, enter early, destroy the competition that hasn’t yet got it’s footing and don’t let any others in. They did it with there documents service, they’re about to do it again.

Google as a Privacy Concern

When (on the very very rare occasion) I log into google I’m offered the following services.

  • Mail
  • Documents
  • Search
  • History
  • News
  • Books
  • Apps

This however is just a small sample, Google also offer advertising services, social networking services, blog and web hosting services, an Internet browser, they own YouTube and as all-ready mentioned they have a mobile operating system known as android. (which despite claims is NOT open source)

Now with all these service Google suddenly holds a lot of information o you, and a lot of the time it’s tied to your Google ID.

Google’s unofficial motto is “Don’t Be Evil” but that gets harder and harder to believe the more you look at there advertising policies and there user experience improvement initiatives.

Google sources from you emails subjects and categories that interest you, it also uses your search results to the same effect.

When you use Google search (logged in or not) a tracking cookie is placed on your computer to track every site that you visit.

And the kick in the coffin, well think about this. To much uproar and shame Sony’s play-station network was recently hacked resulting in the loss of millions of people’s data. What if something similar happens to Google?

People use Google for there web searches, there email, there phone, there web browser, there online documents, and in some cases social networking.

With such wealth of information on hand to them, Google has great potential to be “evil” with the information. However a hacker has more, if Google were hacked your entire life could be blown wide apart thanks to the worrying amount of data that we trust them with on a daily basis.

So what’s the long term plan

Long term the fact is Google will grow, with more and more services being branched into there is no doubt of this.

However to reduce your usage there are things you can do.

Move your web mail account.

set up a private account tied to your web address or use a service like hotmail or Mobile Me (currently paid but rumored to be going free)

Search Google by proxy.

Sites such as iXquick offer anonymous Google searching via there interface and the delay is less then half a second.

Use an alternative online office site

A well written list of alternatives are available here

In short pretty much every service available from Google is available elsewhere. The moral, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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