iPad 2


It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s a revolution, and it’s apple.


Anyone who knows me well knows I have a love of apple devices, but under that love is also a pissed off realist.

When it comes to gimmicks apple pulled a nice one here. The media cannot stop flapping of how this will (and already is in America) revolutionise tablet computing and application.

NO, just NO

The IPad 2 will not revolutionise it all again, now I admit, the iPad 1 did a bang up job of bringing tablet computing into the mainstream, and featuring it’s iOS (the same operating system on the iPhone) it’s applicational uses are fantastic, from doctors offices to home offices what the iPad 1 allowed people to do was great.

The iPad 2 however, not so much, and here’s the reason, it’s not different enough. (~_~;)

What’s new in iPad 2?

– Gyroscope
– Dual core processor
– White Colour
– Improve 3G speeds/signal

Ok so let’s see, the gyroscope, useful for mapping apps and games and…. Oh, yeah, that’s it. I can count on one hand how many games I use on my iPhone that use the gyroscope, why would I want to do that on a much larger mire cumbersome device?

The only purpose I use my gyroscope for on my iPhone is the location aware apps for navigation (sat nav and street map) using a tablet for navigation is a no go since the size of it just rules it out practically.

As for the dual core processor, well there isn’t enough reason for me to want that in the first place since I am happy enough with the speed of my phone and my phone is far more compact, besides, most of the apps that will be using the iPads dual cores probably won’t interest me that much since my phone is far more portable and probably has the same functions.

White colour, wow, just what I (never) wanted, now it can match NON of my outfits!

Improved 3G, well, since I won’t have 3G version since I have my phone with a personal wifi hotspot which is cheaper then iPad 3G plans AND since I’m always around a wifi point when I would be stationary enough to use it anyhow there’s little point.

Now there any many other problems with the iPad 2 but this is already quite a long post so I’ll leave that one for now and also can my ‘apple are failing disabled customers’ rant for a little while as well.

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  1. Agreed.

    I can do pretty much all of that on my Ipod Touch.

    I really need to look into getting a mobile hotspot thingy…

    Its a pain to sit in the parking lot at Gamestop yoinkin’ their WIFI…. haha

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