nomcom is live

roll up roll up, welcome to one and all, the spectical of nomcom is about to begin


right, maybe a little delusional there of the number of people that will actually read this me thinks?

So heres the deal, a couple of friends of mine (hi emily, hi sam) have a blog of there own going and i figured i may take a crack at it, more as a place for me to express my opinions on matters (all sorts of matters) and just generally rant about things. it may last a couple of weeks, it mayu last longer, who knows, but lets see shall we?

So, what is there to know about me, well, im 20 (as good as damn it 21) from sheffield, have my life enhanced with asperges, dyslexia, and dyspraxia (say good by to your hopes of good spelling and grammer) and the best enhancement to my life, my other half  to whom we shall refer to as simply:

“my other half ” 🙂

what else should i say,  hmm, oh yeah, at the moment im tryiong (with mixed results) to learn cantonese chinese, which is proving rather difficult thanks to the lack of courses >.<

anyway for now i shall let that be all untill i have the rest of the site set up, just figured id do a quick introduction.

About nomis78

Photographer, Gamer and Internet Blogger and All Around Loon. A simple guy whose a bit of geek and doesn't mind admitting it.

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